The HSYY Photo Of The Week

I have decided to change up the front page of High Speed YoYo and showcase more of the community. Not everyone is comfortable being the center of attention in a video. This being the case I am making the change to a photo of the week. Send your cool, fun, whacky, and just strange bizarre photos to me at All submissions should include the name you want me address you by when I present the photo and the yo-yo you used. I also ask that you keep them family friendly. Have fun and I look forward to seeing your shots.

This Week’s Photo:

I had planned on returning to photos this week but then I came across this TED Talks video that I feel needs to be seen. Black does an amazing job talking about his drive and love of the sport. It is raw, honest, and I love how he put his heart on display for the crowd in attendance, and the rest of the word for that matter, to see.