G-Squared Marvel
Reviewed by Chris Rhoads
May 3, 2015


G-Squared is ready to release their newest design, the Marvel. This time they are shrouding the release in mystery, including requesting a moratorium on pictures during reviews… I followed the embargo best I could*. Normally I would not be a fan of such hype, but in this case I will roll with it since Jake and company have proved time and time again that they can make an incredible yo-yo, from their impressive Albatross to the absolutely phenomenal Aftershock. The Marvel adds some new design elements that have never been used on a G-Squared design in the past. Time to see if this yo-yo lives up to its superhero sized moniker.


• Diameter: 55mm
• Width: 44.12mm
• Gap: 4.33mm
• Weight: 66.2 grams
• Response: G Grips
• Bearing: Size C – BOSS Wrath


The Marvel profile shows off an ever so subtle organic V-Shape design. The rims are slightly rounded before transitioning to the catch zone, whose walls round out a tad a third of the way down before meeting the gap. The big change is the use of an undercut channel that forms a barrier between the catch zone and the response. This new design element adds an almost ZERO wall design giving the string even better clearance than the step out designs used in past by G-Squared and others in the industry. This undercut also has the added benefit of shifting weight away from the center of the yo-yo. The cup implements a cup within the cup design. The inner walls curve up and under the rim giving the Marvel a nice IGR. The floor is almost completely flat with a ring around the center adding a small second cup that can be used for long lasting finger spins. The body is wrapped in a well implemented blast finish that feels great on the hand. Now I should mention this is just a review unit so the colorway may not be a retail colorway but I am hoping it makes the cut. The unit I am reviewing has an excellent, blast from the past, blue/green fade… something I have not seen in years. Overall, I dig the design but that is no surprise since I have stated in the past that I have a slight bias for V-Shapes.


At 66 grams it clocks in at a decent middleweight design on paper. In actuality it feels quite a bit faster on the string. The Marvel zips through tricks like Falcon attacking a S.H.I.E.LD. helicarrier (I had to get at least one comic reference in). The weight is pushed out towards the rims giving excellent spin times while remaining quite stable.

Response and Bearing

The response and bearing are G-Squared’s staple BOSS Wrath bearing and blue silicone G-Grip pads. The bearings are slightly noisy but spin smooth as silk. The pads break in to give a great response that lasts quite a long time and stay completely out of the way until you need them.


Two words come to mind, speedy and stable. This is a fast paced player that can take quite a bit of abuse before it starts to go off kilter. Biggest test of this was when I would do a fast regen. I am not always the cleanest when throwing a regen and have been known to have the yo-yo go all sideways on me. With the Marvel it took some seriously sloppy regens in order to knock it horizontal. The V-shape design brings with it all the benefits you would expect; easy to hit catch zone, wide open for easy finger grinds, very forgiving during less than perfect play, wide open loops during suicides… the whole package. I was worried about the undercut being so close to the response, it looked like it would be no problem for string to get caught up in it while unrolling from the initial throw. My concerns were unfounded, it plays flawlessly in that regard. Grinds are exactly what you would expect from a blasted G-Squared product, smooth and simple to perform. The IGR works brilliantly and I have complete control when it spins on my palm. The ring in the cup did help with finger spins and I was able to pull off a couple, even though I am horrible at it. Any player that is decent at that trick will love the Marvel.

Final Thoughts

The Marvel is a pretty radical departure from G-Squared’s previous designs. Luckily the departure works in their favor. It looks unlike anything they have made in the past but still plays with the feel of a G-Squared product. Any G-Squared fan or anyone who loves V-Shapes will have a blast with the Marvel.

*(This review will be updated with clearer pictures when the yo-yo is released)