High Speed YoYo has partnered up with Jacob Gross of G-Squared fame to bring you new tutorials. Instead of mixing them in with the existing section I have decided to give Jake his own section. These tutorials continue on with the high speed break downs while ramping them up with explanations of each part of the trick.


Roundabout GT

Flip Flop GT

Carbonated GT

Tangent GT

Chop Sticks

Frozen Tundra GT

Bottle Rocket

One Handed Wrist Mount


Spirit Bomb

Jade Whip

Eli Hops

Brent Stole

Hidemasa Hook

Slack Sticks

Snow Flakes


Island Hopping

Asian Pops


Wrist Mount

Magic Drop

Inverted Wrist Mount


Tower to Ping Pong

Gyroscopic Flop

Pitch and Catch

Broken Record

Independence GT


Paul Han GT

Grind to GT

Grind to Cross Arm GT