One Drop Terrarian
Reviewed by Chris Rhoads
November 29, 2015

Terrarian 00


We have seen the yo-yo make crossovers into many different parts of the pop culture world. There have been TV commercials, sponsored skate boarding events, and comic book references. Back in the day Tommy Smothers developed the persona of The Yo-Yo Man and eventually had a Tom Kuhn No-Jive named for him. The newest medium to pick up the yo-yo mantle is of course the world of videogames. Probably the most well known pixelated player is Ness from the Mother/Earthbound series and most recently the megahit Super Smash Bros. series, both from Nintendo. While the yo-yo is no stranger to mass media, I have never heard of a yo-yo company teaming up with videogame company, let alone bringing their line up into the digital realm as items to be used in the game… until now. One Drop has done just that by teaming up with developer Re-Logic to bring the popular One Drop line to their megahit 2D world building game, Terraria. Yes, they are being used as weapons in the game. I know it is a myth that has been debunked numerous times, but this is a videogame so who needs realism. In order to take this partnership to the next level One Drop designed a new model, the Terrarian, which Re-Logic has seen fit to make the most powerful yo-yo in the game.

Terrarian 01


• Diameter: 55 mm
• Width: 46.7 mm
• Gap: 4.32 mm
• Weight: 66.9 grams (with stock aluminum spike Side Effects)
• Bearing: One Drop 10 Ball
• Response: One Drop Flow Groove Pads


The first thing you will notice is the size. This is a large yo-yo. The profile shows off a wide, wing shape design with One Drop’s signature projection profile going from the rim edge all the way to the gap with the only break in the visuals being a small lip where the large rims transition to the catch zone. The cup is completely smooth with only one straight cut where the inner walls meet the flat floor. At the center of the cup is the Side Effect hub with One Drop’s aluminum spikes installed. The finish is One Drop’s Pyramatte finish. Normally I would ding it a bit because Pyramatte gets a little sticky in humid weather but on this model it is a nonissue thanks to the projection grooves reducing metal to skin contact. Each colorway is based off of one of the biomes you will encounter in the game, my Terrarian for example is made for the Ice Biome. Over all, the Terrarian is quite comfortable. Once in the hand you don’t notice the wide stance much at all.

Terrarian 02


With the stock Side Effects installed the Terrarian is pushing towards the heavyweight end of the spectrum at almost 67 grams. That being said, it plays at a more chilled out pace. With the extra weight, the Terrarian is not shy about showing some punch on the string. At the same time, One Drop was able to distribute the weight evenly throughout the yo-yo making me describe the play with a word I don’t like to use much… floaty.

Terrarian 04

Response and Bearing

The response and bearing are One Drop’s Flow Groove Pads and 10 Ball Bearing. Nothing much to really say at this point that has not already been said in previous reviews. There is a reason why they are at the top of many players’ lists when it comes to response and bearing.

Terrarian 05


I know many are looking at the size and weight of the Terrarian and immediately writing it off. That would be a mistake. While it is wide, it is not unwieldy during play. It can still weave through strings in some of the tighter combos without an issue. Tricks like Black Hops are still quite easy to pull off. The wide shape also aids in play, making it hard to miss the yo-yo when throwing a hook or whip at it… which may interest quite a few of the players in the forums who have been talking about 2.5 hooks lately. Grinds are a breeze for the most part with only thumb grinds being an issue due to the lack of an IGR or any sort of flat area under the rim in the cup. Overall I like the play. I have read where others have played a prototype and did not care for the wide stance. At the end of the day, I did not find it a hindrance at all. In fact, I quite enjoyed the ease of play that having such a large target gave me.

Terrarian 03

Final Thoughts

I can see this yo-yo appealing to many different groups, from those that like chilled out performers, memorabilia collectors, and new players brought here because of Terraria. It is that latter group I am interested in most. I can see this collaboration bringing in newer community members who are curious about the One Drop and yo-yos in general. This may be the first true videogame/yo-yo collaboration and I hope we see more in the future that will help this hobby grow to new heights.