One Drop & Static Co. Parlay
Reviewed by Chris Rhoads
June 19, 2017


I have said it many times, I do love collaborations. When done correctly, true collaborations are fun to play and bring the best of both companies together in one product. Now I am not talking about those collaborations where one company does 90% of the work and then slaps the other’s badge on the packaging, but one where both companies sit down and think about what they want to see in the design. Today I am looking at a collaboration between One Drop and Static Co. Before I continue on with the review, I have to say that I had not heard of Static Co. before this yo-yo. Chalk it up to my own life getting in the way or the fact that there are just so many great yo-yo companies out there, I just let them slip under the radar. It is going to be interesting to see what they have to offer and how their unique vision melds with One Drop’s.


• Diameter: 53.6 mm
• Width: 40.3 mm
• Gap: 4.32 mm
• Weight: 62 grams (with stock aluminum Flat Cap Side Effects)
• Bearing: One Drop 10 Ball
• Response: 19 mm Slim Flow Groove


The design of the Parlay is deceptively old school. The profile is a smooth organic shape with what looks to be a continuous curve from the rim to the response. I call it deceptive because if you take a closer look at the gap, you are going to see that the high walled catch zone is not what it appears to be. There is a step out in the gap near the response, similar to what you find on others in One Drop’s line up. The reason it isn’t as noticeable is due to it being recessed in what can only be described as a schmoove rings. For those unfamiliar with the concept of schmoove rings, they were used back in the day to reduce string friction in high walled yo-yos and, in theory, added a cushion of air that did a better job of opening the loops during suicide tricks. Moving on to the cup, it is elegantly simple with a slightly raised floor, Side Effect hub, and a proper IGR under the lip. Other than that, there is no cuts or other flourishes to break up the look. Overall, the Parlay’s looks are a throwback to yesteryear while retaining some of the modern amenities that we have grown accustom to over the years. Some may find this to be a bit bland, I think it is an excellent, understated look.


Do not let the specs fool you. Yes, this is a light yo-yo but it plays with some heft to it while on the string. It hits hard when it unspools from its initial throw and it has an incredible amount of spin. At the same time, it is weighted perfectly for stable play.

Response and Bearing

The Parlay is using the 19mm variant of One Drop’s Flow Groove Pads. They give solid binds and break in quickly. The bearing is the standard One Drop 10-Ball that has been shipping with their products since the beginning. They are quiet and quite durable.


This yo-yo may look a little old school but the play is far from it. It is smooth on the string, zippy during play, and gives enough spin for the player to power through their most intricate of combos. While the catch zone is not as easy to hit as an H or V shape design, I had absolutely no problem hitting it consistently during the various ships and hooks that I threw at it, my favorites being the many variations of Hidemasa Hooks that I love to do. Grinds are what you would expect from the Pyramatte finish that One Drop uses. It is great during everything but humid weather, then the finish gets a little sticky. The only time I have an issue with the finish is when Ohio hits the rainy season… which has been pretty frequent the last couple of months. I will not lie, the one feature I was ecstatic to see what a proper IGR. I am well aware that thumb grinds are not as popular as they use to be but I still love them and was happy to finally get a new yo-yo that didn’t slip off my thumb during grinds.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely more than just a One Drop yo-yo and I am fine with that. One Drop and Static Co.’s design philosophies complement each other and the result is a strong product which feels great on the string. If you are looking for a new yo-yo for your collection, this $70 mid-sized player is pretty much a no brainer.